Drawing on a team of talented people with backgrounds in media, advertising and digital, we provide our skills and relations to boost a company’s image and reputation through omnichannel strategies. We integrate all the diverse communication strands to put across a more coherent, effective message.


Integrated Communication

We combine creativity with data analysis: the only way, in today’s changing communication context, to select the best methods and channels and meet each company’s objectives.

Integrated communication is a complex blend of instruments and information flows, media channels and communication tools designed to develop a coherent, successful corporate identity for businesses and individuals and their products and services. Integrated communication involves managing different flows (external communication for strategic positioning, to boost the brand and company’s reputation, and to influence the decision-making process for the company’s products and/or services and brands; internal communication to boost motivation and ensure staff present a positive image to the outside world) so that actions are co-ordinated, synergetic and enhance the impact of the advertising campaign.


Digital & Social Media

Always trailblazers for new media, we’ve been providing services to leading companies in cutting-edge sectors such as high tech and videogames for many years.

We firmly believe in creating solid editorial strategies so that our clients’ values and advertising messages are talked about and shared on social media, forging ongoing relationships with their audiences by keeping pace with changing languages and trends.

We develop and manage viral digital and social media projects for the Italian and international markets. Our professionalism and skills enable us to offer pioneering strategies and consultancy, the best in tech innovation, creativity, experience and passion.

The entire process – from conception, planning, content production and social media management – is handled inhouse by the agency’s experts, ensuring that communication is reactive, cost-effective and always in line with the brand’s needs.


PR & Media Relations

Media Relations and Digital PR are one of the agency’s great strengths. We offer professionalism and long-established relations with key information players, helping to grow the reputation and visibility of a company, anticipate trends and forge valuable connections with different audiences. 

We listen closely to pinpoint each client’s individual needs. Our exclusive ‘double circular’ approach to analysis and development means we can guarantee first-class, timely services that quickly turn into tangible, quantifiable results.

We strive to work as proactively as possible, identifying and building ad hoc communication ideas and PR stories to identify and anticipate the media’s needs and areas of interest: innovative, news or lifestyle-related and attractive to their audiences.

Influencer Marketing

We help brands appeal to and engage with audiences all over the world by working alongside leading influencers. Our creative influencer strategies magnify the story of your brand on the widest scale, reaching millions of people. We bring your story to life, drawing on the power of real connections.  Based on your brand’s objectives, we design the perfect strategy for you. This includes connecting with the top social media influencers, youtubers, vloggers and content creators to help reach your audience.

We manage campaigns from A to Z: from tailor-made strategies to the implementation stage, all backed up by in-depth reports.


Branded Content

We produce original in-house information content and tailor-made entertainment in digital, paper and video form. Our editorial plans cover a broad spectrum of issues to boost involvement and loyalty between consumers and brands.

Video Production

Redfish, the group’s video production company, creates videos for clients including Enel and Ornellaia. Our communication solutions range from TV ads to video mapping, industrial videos to 3D animation and motion graphics.

Events and Roadshows

We design memorable, highly original events that can be experienced live and or via streaming, creating value and communication and enabling companies to reach their audiences beyond physical and time restrictions

Our spectacular, media-driven events successfully promote our clients’ image and complement their communication strategy:

  • Press events
  • Open Days
  • In-store promotions
  • Mobile events / Road Shows
  • Guerrilla marketing

We guarantee a superb return on image, delivering authority, target penetration and credibility, often with a greater impact than an advertisement alone.

Black & White Events handles all strategic, creative, logistical and operational aspects for our clients.


Crisis Management

The health and financial emergency we are experiencing today shows just how vital it is to have a crisis communication plan ready. While it was once easy to contain such events, in the age of digital communication and social media, it is much more difficult to hide away. Minimizing the damage to your image by liaising with traditional and social media – where traces are permanent – is almost impossible unless you are experienced in crisis management.

Black & White Comunicazione works alongside clients to design crisis communication strategies, interpreting changing “risk scenarios”, monitoring traditional and social media in real time, identifying the company stakeholders affected and producing all the necessary communication materials.

Media Planning

Designing a media plan is a complex process involving many different factors: the target audience, the various instruments and formats, the KPIs needed to analyse the results, the budget and, naturally, the content required. Until several years ago, media planning was a straightforward, sequential procedure. But since the digital revolution, contact points have multiplied, tone of voice and languages need adaptable formats and content, and users react differently depending on the place, time and device through which they access the message.
Today, a good media plan must be based on an assessment of the expected results for every instrument, as well as cost metrics – calculated at the planning stage so the outcome can be forecast and the best possible resources chosen.


Through our Axiom1 Academy, we design training courses for the agency’s inhouse professionals and external managers from a range of sectors. We prepare them for tomorrow’s world and help develop the skills and tools they need to thrive in the unpredictable, constantly evolving realm of digital communication.

CEO Profiling

It’s essential today for brand messages to be guided by value and emotional connectivity. Our Axiom1 Academy trains CEOs and top managers to make them the “face identity” of their brand, enabling value-driven communication based on personality.

We develop profiling plans that include the topics and content they need for presentations.

We ghost-write content and create opportunities for visibility during keynote speeches, panels and events, building and nurturing the manager’s profile.