Black & White Comunicazione boasts over 15 years’ experience in the communications market. It has built up an impressive track record over time, working with leaders in the food & beverage, high-tech, design, green economy, entertainment and manufacturing sectors, as well as institutions, industrial associations and not-for-profit groups. We are known for our creative pitches that enable communication investments to grow, rejecting the standardised creative approach taken by advertising multinationals. With our exclusive double circular™ method, a streamlined, proactive set-up and cutting-edge data-driven analysis and validation, we quickly turn high added value ideas into quantifiable results.  

Our original advertising campaigns don’t just look good on paper: they combine credibility, successful KPIs and cost management throughout the production stage.


Because we’re trailblazers in digital communication and new media. We’ve always worked in the cutting-edge gaming industry, but we also have a solid institutional background and specific know-how in numerous sectors of industry (automotive, pharma, food & beverage, tech).

Because our cross-media projects continue to receive awards for their exceptional creative content, successfully generating newsworthiness and standing out across all forms of media thanks to our double circular approach.

Because we have a 5-year customer satisfaction and retention rate of over 90%, and extremely low staff turnover (8% after three years, among the lowest in the industry).

“We enable growth and innovation through creative, ethical, modern communication”

Andrea Schiesaro

Founder & CEO, Black & White comunicazione S.r.l.

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